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I want to personally welcome you to my  website.  Facebook can be fun, but this  is where I truly exist online.  I invite you  to explore this site, experience the  music, take in the videos and enjoy the  photos.  And while you’re at it, you  might discover a bit about me as well!  I am honored that you are here, and  hope you’ll stay a while! 


To the world of JTH ~ John Two-Hawks

John Two-Hawks is a GRAMMY® and Emmy nominated, Platinum Award Winning Native American  Flute Music recording artist whose music has been featured in movies by Fox Searchlight, films by  HBO, and programs by The History Channel.  JTH is a bona fide World, New Age, Alternative and  Native American Flute Music visionary and pioneer who has pressed the envelope and pushed the  boundaries of musical genres for decades.  From collaborating on platinum selling music fusion  projects which melded indigenous music with symphonic heavy metal, to contributing his music  on Emmy award winning film scores which teamed Native American flute, vocals and percussion  with symphony orchestras and choirs, John has always challenged the limits of what is possible in  music composition and performance.  JTH is an international touring artist who has performed for  audiences as large as 12,000.  A remarkably gifted multi-instrumentalist, incredible vocalist and  native flute virtuoso, Two-Hawks' signature brand of World Fusion, New Age, Native and  Alternative music is known and loved by millions around the world.  As well as his established reputation as a musician and recording artist, JTH is also a veteran  award winning stage and screen actor (member of SAG), a published author, and a gifted  inspirational keynote speaker who has shared the speaking stage with former Presidents, acting  Senators and hollywood celebrities.  Regardless of the engagement, John Two-Hawks never fails  to deliver a high standard of excellence, integrity and professionalism. 
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The Native American Flute Music of Grammy nominated Recording Artist John Two-Hawks
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The music of John Two-Hawks is considered by many to be a quantum leap above the fray.  It soars with breath taking symphonic sounds in one moment, and then soothes the spirit with the powerful organic voice of a lone flute in the next.  Far more than a virtuoso Native American Flutist, JTH is an extraordinary musician and composer.  And still, Two-Hawks has always held fast to his Oglala Lakota Sioux lineage and culture, and it is from this place that the soul of all his music is born....
Photo above by John Rankine  ~  Original ‘Horse Spirit’ Cover Art by Kim McElroy
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